Chilli Momo and Steam Momo at Appetiser London, UK

Momos are irresistible ! Whether it is a statement or a fact – can be checked only when you see this delicacy vanish from our kitchen, introduced lately and highly recommended by our head chef. It was her insistence that we introduced these joyful bundles.  

And to vouch for this; you ought to visit us.

For those who are yet unaware; let’s start from the beginning –

Appetiser is the brainchild of a homemaker –  who decided to follow her passion of serving vegan and vegetarian cuisine.  Thus came up an all vegan and vegetarian pizza, burger, wrap Waffles, Salads, Shakes, Icecreams & Chips joint at Feltham Highstreet, London.

The latest addition to our menu is Momos.

Momos can be prepared in a variety of methods, including boiling, steaming, pan-frying, and so on. The nicest part about these momos is the ease with which they can be made and in a number of forms.

Appetiser offers two types of momo at the moment. One is steam momo and another is chilli momos. Momo was initially a Newari food in the Katmandu valley. It was later introduced to Tibet, China. Momos have always been a crowd favourite with a crazy fan following that is still growing. 

Momo Restaurant London

There has seen rapid growth in the fast-food industry in London but due to the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants were shut down. 

Post the opening up and ease after the lockdown. Customers have started visiting the restaurant to dine. 

The response to our new addition -’ momos “ has been overwhelming. From maintaining hygiene to taste we strive to be at the top. Do view our reviews on the GMB account

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Please let us know your comments on this blog as this is our first official blog. When you comment or recommend please mention #momosatappetiser and share it with our staff when you visit the restaurant to dine-in. 

This will entitle you to a free plate of momos – in case your order is above £15. The offer cannot club with any other existing offer and only one person can redeem for a single bill. The offer is valid till 31st DEC 2021.