Appetiser Dishes: Exploring Pav's Versatility

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Appetiser Dishes: Exploring Pav’s Versatility

Street food is an integral part of Indian cuisine and forms a significant part of India’s culinary heritage. Millions of people across India and all over the world enjoy the delicious street foods of India, making them some of the most popular food items. When it comes to Indian street food in Feltham, Appetiser offers a range of delectable and diverse items on their menu.

With a complete vegetarian and vegan menu, Appetiser offers a range of delicious Indian street food items. In its long and versatile menu of Indian street food items, Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji are some of the key highlights. One of the most delicious items amongst Indian street food items, Pav Bhaji is prepared with a combination of mashed vegetables and a range of spices and is served alongside bread rolls.

Appetiser’s Pav Dishes: What Can You Find?

When it comes to Pav Bhaji in Feltham, Appetiser is one of the most popular and recognised destinations. They are known for their unique flavours and versatile menu that gives you ample choices and offers a delightful culinary experience. Coming to the long and versatile menu of Appetiser, there are numerous options you can find if you are in search of authentic and tasty Pav Bhaji in Feltham.

Let us take a look at what you can find at Appetiser if you want to taste the finest Pav Bhaji and Vada Pav in Feltham.

Pav Bhaji

This is the traditional and much popular Indian fast food, the original Pav Bhaji, coming with a delightful blend of flavours. The dish is prepared according to the classic recipe and ingredients popular across Indian streets, especially in Maharashtra. It comes with a spicy and thick vegetable gravy, served alongside butter-toasted bread.

Cheese Pav Bhaj

Another delicious variety of Pav Bhaji in Feltham, this is one of the most popular Indian street food items at Appetiser. The dish is prepared with a unique and delightful twist on the actual recipe of the classic Indian street food dish, Pav Bhaji. Like traditional Pav Bhaji, this dish also has a spicy and rich vegetable curry. It is served with a topping of creamy cheese, that makes for a unique blend of flavours.

For people who want to taste the finest Pav Bhaji in Feltham, Appetiser offers these two dishes and a wonderful experience both in terms of flavours and taste as well as a great ambience to enjoy this classic Indian street food item. Originally from Maharashtra, Pav Bhaji is a kind of Indian street food item that is popular all across the country and even across the world. Many people in different parts of the UK including London are fans of this spicy and delicious Indian dish that offers a heavenly culinary experience.

Offering the true essence of vegetarian and vegan food from India and other cuisines, Appetiser is a preferred destination for the best Pav Bhaji in Feltham. Haven’t tasted it yet? Visit Appetiser and taste delicious Pav Bhaji and a range of other Indian street food items for a unique and enriching culinary experience that you will surely love!

Noodles at Appetiser: A Diverse Assortment

Veg noodles is one of the most versatile dishes, and when prepared right, it can be a delightful blend of textures and flavours. When it comes to delicious Hakka noodles in Feltham, Appetiser is one of the most preferred and renowned names in the region. With a fully vegetarian and vegan menu on offer, Appetiser offers exquisite Indo-Chinese dishes to take your taste buds on a paradisal journey.

While veg noodles is a part of Asian cuisine, Appetiser has taken it a notch higher, creating a flavourful blend of vegetables with noodles. Veg noodles serve as an excellent and healthy alternative to traditional meat-based/fish-based noodles. Appetiser, with their delicious recipes and expert chefs at job, showcase the diversity of vegetarian cuisine with their delicious veg Hakka noodles in Feltham. Not many restaurants serve such exquisite veg Hakka noodles in Feltham. Not just the perfect taste and preparation, but noodles at Appetiser come in a diverse assortment as well.

Noodles For Everyone!

Combining the delicacies of Indian flavours and textures with this gem of Asian cuisine, Appetiser offers a diverse, savoury, and delightful variety of veg noodles, perfect for adults as well as kids. Here’s what you can find at Appetiser when looking for their veg Hakka noodles varieties.

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

This is the conventional vegetable Hakka noodles in Feltham served by Appetiser, and is also one of the most-tried and popular dishes served by the restaurant. It is primarily stir-fried Hakka noodles tossed with fresh vegetables. It comes with a vibrant appearance on the plate and is surely an amazing culinary delight to try at Appetiser.

Chilli Garlic Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Another variety of veg noodles at Appetiser, this one is surely a fiery and mouth-watering one, recommended by food critics. This dish is fiery and yet delicious, made of Hakka noodles that is stir-fried with a mix of vegetables and then infused with zesty chili and garlic for a bold and flavourful taste experience.

Vegetable Schezwan Noodles

Prepared with the special Schezwan sauce which is a star in Asian cuisine, this is another variety of veg noodles at Appetiser. This dish consists of spice-infused Hakka noodles, stir-fried and prepared with a vibrant mix of vegetables. It offers a flavorful sensation in every bite.

Along with perfectly prepared and delicious veg hakka noodles in Feltham, Appetiser also serves some of the finest beg side dishes that can be the perfect accompaniment for veg hakka noodles. With a unique and flavourful blend of fresh and vibrant vegetables along with the comforting embrace of noodles, Appetiser serves some of the finest veg hakka noodles in Feltham.

Be it your quick weeknight dinner, evening snacks, or go-to comfort food, you get an assortment of tasty and mouth-watering noodles dishes at Appetiser. You have got plenty of choices to enjoy the perfect plate of veg noodles. And, if that’s not enough for you, the restaurant offers some amazing and savoury dishes that can complement the noodles perfectly. Right from Vegetable Manchurian or Gobi Manchurian to Chilli Paneer and Chilli Garlic Soya Chaap, you have got numerous options to complement your plate of veg noodles at Appetiser.

Indo-Chinese Veg Noodles At Appetiser: A Unique Preparation

When it comes to veg Hakka noodles in Feltham, Appetiser is known for their unique flavours and tastes that make their noodles different from everywhere else. A perfect blend of Indian and Chinese cuisines, the taste of veg noodles at Appetiser is something completely different and absolutely delicious. With unique preparation methods and expert chefs with knowledge of Indian and Asian cuisines, they prepare delicious veg noodles that uphold the culinary heritage of India. It comes with a unique combination of regional spices, and ingredients.

Ending Note

Want to taste the finest veg Hakka noodles in Feltham? Appetiser is your go-to destination offering exquisite Indo-Chinese dishes and a diverse assortment of veg noodles that will surely take you on a delightful culinary journey. And above all, pocket-friendly prices and great ambience make for the perfect culinary experience at Appetiser. So try out the finest veg noodles today!

Appetiser’s Vegan Menu: What are that options that we can enjoy?

In recent years, we have seen a shift in consumer preferences. The world is choosing to be vegan given its health and environmental benefits. A plant-based diet is an ethical and sustainable choice. The growing demand for vegan meals has compelled several diners to include plant-based options in their menu and Britain is not far behind from small outlets to big diners, cities in Britain serve tantalising vegan food.

From vegan salads to onion rings, vegan appetiser guarantee intense flavours in perfect blends. It is time to rubbish any idea that vegan food limits your options. It can be quite delightful and tempting. So let us not settle for basic chips and dips and move on to mouth-watering soya chaap and the like!

Having a party this season? Well, we got you covered. Whether you are the host or the guest, you need not to worry. Wondering where you get your vegan dishes from? Well, here at Appetiser, we intend to cater to all your requirements. From pav bhaji to chilli paneer and soya chaap to hakka noodles, there is nothing our kitchen cannot offer!

What vegan food is available on the Appetiser menu?

From salad to pizza, Appetiser offers healthy and tempting dishes on the menu. Enjoy an array of cuisines; from street food to proper meals our kitchen brings 100% plant-based offerings!

Chicken Style Nuggets

Chicken is not the very first choice for many. So here we bring to you battered and deep-fried plant-based vegan nuggets only at £3.99. Enjoy the crispy fried vegan chicken-style nugget as your party appetisers.

Chicken Style Wrap

Having a healthy meal on the go is quite a delight. Get a vegan 10-inch tortilla wrap filled with veggies, cheese and ketchup as your morning meal on your way to work. Enjoy a crunchy yet healthy chicken-style wrap at just £4.99.

Paneer Wrap

Though milk-based, paneer can be a vegetarian diet you might prefer. A crunchy tortilla stuffed with vegan cheese mayo and flavoured veggies available at £6.50 will be a delightful addition to your meal.

Sweet Chilli Vegan Wrap

A little spice cannot hurt anyone. It only adds to the flavour as our next dish on the sweet chilli vegan wrap is available at £4.99. With a crunchy 10-inch tortilla filled with sweet chilli sauce, veggies, vegan mayo and cheese, it is surely a dish you can add to your gathering menu.

Onion Rings

A little crunch and crisp is always lovely to have with a wholesome meal. You can always order a plate of onion rings at just £2.49 to tempt your taste buds while you wait for your dinner to be served.

Vegan Burger

Who does not like a burger? Most people consider it to be junk food, and it certainly is. But imagine how you could enjoy a burger without having to worry about health repercussions. With vegan cheese and veggie patty seasoned with mayo and lettuce, Appetiser offers a vegan burger at £4.5 for our customers to enjoy!

Organising a party with plant-based offerings on the menu should not be too difficult. Contrary to misinformed opinions, Appetiser offers a variety of vegan dietary preferences for both starters and a wholesome meal.

Vegan cuisine is evolving at quite an impressive rate. Sooner or later you can also be looking at vegan vada pav and pav bhaji!

Wrapping Up

Britain is adapting to the global cuisine. A good blend of spice and flavour is quite an impressive feat. Whether it is an expensive diner or a pocket-friendly outlet, the streets of Britain have flavourful vegan dishes at affordable prices. So if you fancy a quick nosh or a well-prepared delicious meal, Appetiser is here at your service!

Appetiser’s Street Food Menu: The Taste of India

Indian cuisine attracts praise from across the globe. People all around are fond of the colourful palette servings with the perfect flavours and spices. Today, food lovers can satisfy their cravings for Indian food even in the streets of Britain. Feel like having a pav bhaji? Well, visit Feltham and enjoy the rich flavours of Indian street food!

Not just flavours, but the aroma and unique taste that Indian dishes offer is quite magnificent. The country brings in quite a culinary adventure with itself. And the world is adapting to its rich culture and cuisine quickly. From chilli paneer to vada pav, hakka noodles to soya chaap, you can have it all!

What makes Indian street food so delectable?

Who would not love to have something delicious yet affordable? This is where Indian street food comes in. More than any other cuisine, delicacies like pav bhaji and vada pav are more tasty at a comparable cheaper rate.

Street food is also fun to explore. It is a way to get familiar with the diversity in culture and its richness. The world is adapting to different Indian street foods given the variety every region brings. Every part of India adds a little twist to a dish that the locals appreciate.

So if you wish to have Indian street food in Britain, then Appetiser is your destination. Let’s see what our kitchen has to offer you!

What Indian street snacks are available on the Appetiser menu?

Indian street food dishes are usually easy to make. They have quite a simple recipe. Nevertheless, these street snacks have a way to tempt your taste buds with an explosion of flavours and aroma. Street foods offer a rich and exotic aftertaste which leaves customers wanting more!

Aloo Tikki Chaat

A popular Indian street food that couples deep-fried potato patties, otherwise known as aloo tikki with yoghurt, spices and chutneys is quite a delight. Available at £5.00, aloo tikki chaat is a medley of flavours which surely is a hit on our menu!

Pav Bhaji

Stuffed with spicy veggies and thick gravy, pav bhaji comes with butter-coated bread at £5.99. It is surely a tempting dish with rich flavours and spices.

Cheese Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a hit dish on the menu of course! A little cheese added to the popular recipe is an amazing twist. A mouth-watering combination of spices and veggies, classic pav bhaji with cheese topping is very tempting. Available at £7.25 enjoy this perfect combination of spice and cream.

Papri Chaat

Next up is the very famous papri chaat! A harmonious blend of potatoes, chickpeas, yoghurt, different chutneys, sev and papri garnished with coriander makes for a nice evening snack. Get a delicious plate of papri chaat at only £4.99!


Samosas are a must if we are listing Indian street foods. Filled with spicy mashed potatoes and peas within a pastry, Appetiser offers samosas at just £1.00.

Vada Pav

Deep fried potato patty put inside a bun or pav is the Indian version of a burger. Appetiser brings to you vada pav or burger with an Indian twist at just £1.99!

Mango Lassi

There are not only snacks but some drinks as well in the Indian street food repertoire. A chilled mixture of creamy yoghurt and ripe mangoes is what a mango lassi tastes like. With a tangy taste in every sip, mango lassi comes at £3.25 per glass.

To Conclude

Indian culture and cuisine are quite exquisite. Once you have a taste it is hard to resist. Now try out the different flavours of Indian street food even in Britain from both affordable and expensive diners. If you want, Appetiser can be just your destination when you crave authentic Indian street food!

Appetiser: The Perfect Destination for Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Indo-Chinese cuisine made quite an impact on the United Kingdom. India is of course no stranger to its popularity. As we know London and places in England like Feltham, Hounslow, Southall is the melting point of culture and cuisine. Taking the city by storm, the Indo-Chinese fusion in terms of cuisine offers quite a unique taste. From chilli paneer to hakka noodles, the streets of the UK are buzzing with an impeccable array of dishes!

If you crave Indo-Chinese or Desi-Chinese as many may refer to it, the internet offers a range of options. So if you want to indulge yourself with Soya Chaap in Feltham, the flavours and spice of the UK will not disappoint.

What Indo-Chinese dishes does Appetiser offer?

Chinese food with a little desi twist popularly known as Indo-Chinese or Hakka-Chinese offers quite a distinct taste. It is a unique cuisine to the Chinese diasporas. Today, Indo-Chinese cuisine is a global attraction. With an authentic combination of flavours and spice, customers can surely look forward to such delicacies at Appetiser!

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

A flavourful and stir-fried hakka noodles is quite a delight to the Appetiser menu. With a good amount of freshly tossed vegetables added to hakka noodles, customers can enjoy a great culinary delight. Appetiser offers a vibrant and stir-fried plate of Hakka noodles at just £5.99!

Chilli Garlic Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Who does not enjoy a little spice and flavour to their meals? Appetiser's kitchen promises a tempting taste of stir-fried hakka noodles and veggies with a pinch of garlic and chilli. A fiery and bold experience loved by food critics is here to tempt your taste buds at only £6.49.

Gobi Manchurian

Indian flavour with a zesty mix of Chinese spices serves as a delightful cuisine. A great fusion of flavour and texture that comes with crispy cauliflower wrapped in gravy is surely delightful. Customers can now enjoy the Manchurian at £5.99 only with Appetiser's kitchen.

Vegetable Schezwan Noodles

Asia has a wealth of culture and cuisine. A mix of Hakka noodles and flavourful veggies sprinkled with spice and sauce is heaven served in every bite. Appetiser offers sensational and spice-infused hakka noodles at £6.49 for food lovers to appreciate.

Vegetable Manchurian

Veggies are not only healthy but can also be tasty and flavourful. A blend of tantalising spices, bell peppers and onions with stirred veggies is more tempting than one can imagine. Try this delicious vegetable manchurian at just £5.99 along with other dishes to go with at the Appetiser.

Chilli Paneer

Coated with flavourful spices, and blended with bell peppers and onions, we bring to you paneer cubes sauteed with the most delicious gravy. Enjoy the mouth-watering chilli paneer with tantalising flavours at just £6.49.

Chilli Garlic Soya Chaap

Stirred fried soya chaap seasoned with spicy garlic sauce is here to tempt your taste buds at £5.99. A flavourful explosion of soya chaap with chilli garlic is quite a delight on the Appetiser menu.

The UK is adapting quickly to global cuisine. The busy streets of Feltham are filled with outlets offering a variety of spices and flavours. Be it a quick snack or a wholesome dinner, Appetiser serves an array of amazing dishes. From street food to global cuisine, customers can have it all at affordable prices!

Why choose Appetiser as your go-to Indo-Chinese restaurant?

For more than a decade now, Appetiser has brought to you tempting vegetarian dishes that speak for its reputation. There are a variety of options that customers must like in terms of cuisine. Not to forget the rising star Indo-Chinese cuisines that are more than capable of satisfying your cravings for pav bhaji or chilli paneer. A perfect blend of culture and cuisine awaits you at Appetiser!

You can have pav bhaji or vada pav for breakfast and chilli paneer or soya chaap for dinner. You can enjoy a flavourful journey of such unique delicacies whenever you crave them.

To Wrap Up

Cuisine and culture are at the heart of India. With rich spices and flavours, even the UK is now all stacked up with global cuisine. From pocket-friendly outlets to expensive diners, the streets of Britain are filled with delightful restaurants. Appetiser is your destination if you are looking for authentic Indo-Chinese at reasonable prices. Book a table today and enjoy the flavours of Asia in the heart of Britain!

Appetiser: Enjoy the Most Tempting Vegetarian Choice from our Menu

The world is becoming more ethical and considerate in its pursuit. Today people all over are switching to a vegetarian diet with quite a fraction leaning towards becoming vegan. From street food to dessert, there is a variety that is yet to be explored! 

It is time you introduce yourself to the tempting dishes on our menu. Today you need not bother eating food that you like and worry about not it not being healthy enough. With Appetiser’s 100% vegetarian kitchen, you can enjoy pizzas, chilli paneer, momos, pav bhaji, hakka noodles, shakes and all sorts of desserts that you desire. 

What vegetarian dishes would you find on the Appetiser menu? 

Vegetarian or not, the dishes on the menu are of exquisite taste. To think that vegetarian dishes only have salads to offer is a misconception. There is an array of cuisines that you can indulge in. Enjoy a pizza, burger, soya chaap, samosas, falooda and other street snacks at affordable prices! 


Some of the delicious pizza options that we bring to you are as follows

Original Margherita Pizza

A classic margherita pizza is loved by all. A cheese-filled crust topped with fresh tomato sauce filled with herbs and veggies is a delightful treat. Choose your pizza sizes from medium to extra large ranging from £6.99 to £13.99.

Vegetarian Hot Pizza

Topped with fresh tomato sauce, pepper, chillies, onions and other veggies, the stone-baked vegetarian pizza is available in three sizes as well.

Vegetarian Tandoori Chicken Style Pizza

Enjoy a healthy vegetarian pizza baked in tandoori style with all spices and flavours in place. Topped with onions, pepper, mushroom and aromatic spices, this freshly baked pizza also come in three sizes and at affordable rates.

Pizza Broccoli & Cheese

Vegetables can be more delicious than you think! Here comes a freshly stonebaked pizza topped with vegan sauce, roasted mushrooms broccoli and a load of cheese.


Explore some of the options that you can find with wraps and their fillings

Veggie Wrap

Filled with veggies seasoned with cheese and mayo, a crunchy 10-inch tortilla is all that we need for a nutritious and yummy meal. Appetiser brings to you a fresh Veggie Wrap at just £4.99!

Sweet Chilli Vegan Wrap

A pinch of chilli sauce with the perfect blend of veggies, cheese and mayo wrapped with a 10-inch tortilla comes at just £4.99. This sweet chilli wrap is a healthy yet tempting meal that is a delight to your taste buds.


Can vegetarian and vegan burgers are as tasty as the chicken ones? 

Veggie Burger

At just £4.5 customers can now enjoy a burger with a veggie patty stuffed with cheese, ketchup and mayo, of course!

Chilli Chicken Style Burger

A burger stuffed with mayo, cheese and chilli sauce with a vegan patty in the centre of it comes for £4.5. Served with the right flavours, the chilli chicken style burger is one exquisite serve, to say the least!

Street Snacks

Street foods are more tantalising to the taste buds than one can imagine. Let’s see what Appetiser has in store for you when you crave pav bhaji in Britain

Delhi Ke Steam Momos

If you ever have had momos in Delhi then you must know why it is so famous. Stuffed with delicious veggies, momos are a sort of dumplings available at £5.99 per plate.

Pani Puri

The crunchy popular Indian street snack with chickpeas and potatoes comes at £3.50 per plate. Each serving consists of 6 pani puris coupled with sweet and sour water on the side.

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji has to make the list if we speak of Indian street food. Enclosed in butter-coated bread, we have spicy veggie gravy at just £5.99 which is a popular snack in India.

Vada Pav

A deep-fried potato patty within a bun or pav is an Indian twist for a burger. At just £1.99, vada pav is truly a delight to the Indian street food culture.

Vegetarian dishes with the right amount of spices and flavours are hard not to love. Britain is now endowed with plenty of choices. Appetiser is your best shot at enjoying Indian delicacies at the most affordable prices. Book a table today and enjoy yourselves!

Stone-baked, Vegan and Vegetarian Pizza

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheesy and delicious slice of pizza? Ever wondered why a homemade pizza tastes better than that of a restaurant? Well, the only probable reason is that restaurant ovens can reach temperatures of 900°F and above. 

Today, the world is all about being vegetarian and vegan, and Britain is no exception. So, if you are in Feltham, London and looking for vegan pizza, Appetiser is here to satisfy your cravings! Enjoy the taste while staying healthy.
All the pizzas at Appetiser are stone-baked and vegetarian. If you want to explore your vegan options, the Appetiser menu has got you covered! 

What are some vegetarian options available on the menu?

Pizza lovers no longer have to compromise on taste or health. Appetiser ensures you get a cheesy slice of healthy pizza. At Appetiser, pizzas typically undergo stone baking, resulting in a crispy and crunchy texture. Some of the options are as follows: 

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

People often think there are few options for vegetarians. But here, we have the vegetarian supreme pizza, a sure win-over. Enjoy a freshly baked pizza with mushrooms, red onions, sweet corn, green peppers, and jalapeños, topped with mozzarella cheese and a flavoured sauce. Available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.


Vegetarian Hot Pizza

Next up, we have the hot vegetarian pizza, also available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. This freshly baked pizza comes with a similar topping but adds a bit of spice. You get fresh tomatoes, green peppers, green chillies, and mushrooms, coupled with red onions.

vegetarian delight

Vegetarian Delight

Undoubtedly vegetables are healthy, right? So here is a healthydish for you: a veggie wrap. Veggie wraps are a nutritious breakfast option, packed with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and onions and dressed in cheese and mayo. The meal comes for just £4.99.


Chunky Paneer Pizza

The chunky paneer stone-baked pizza is our best bet. Topped with red onions, jalapeños, mushrooms, and a generous amount of paneer chunks, this pizza is sure to steal your heart. Paired with mozzarella, it's a feast for your taste buds!


Pizza Broccoli & Cheese

A freshly baked veggie pizza loaded with toasty broccoli and mozzarella cheese, dressed with garlic sauce, vegan white sauce, roasted mushrooms, and loaded with cheese and chilli, making the perfect combo pizza!


Vegetarian Deluxe

The Vegetarian Deluxe pizza comes loaded with mushrooms, red onions, green pepper, tomatoes, and black olives, coupled with sweet corn. This stone-baked vegetable pizza is topped with mozzarella cheese, making it both healthy and tasty.


Original Margherita Pizza

This Margherita pizza, topped with a herb-filled sauce and mozzarella cheese, is a classic. The pizza is stone-baked with a tomato sauce dressing, a real treat for anyone who loves a cheese-filled pizza!


Green Goat Pizza

This crunchy and delicious pizza is topped with spinach, white sauce, vegan basil pesto, and rocket leaves, finished with mozzarella. It's the vegan pizza you must try!

Pizza lovers no longer have to compromise on taste or health. Appetiser ensures you get a cheesy slice of healthy pizza. At Appetiser, pizzas typically undergo stone baking, resulting in a crispy and crunchy texture. Some of the options are as follows: 
How do we make stone-baked, vegan, and vegetarian pizza? 
Appetiser specializes in stone-baked, vegan and vegetarian pizzas. The menu showcases a delightful array of pizzas, from tandoori style to cheesy Margherita. Appetiser has everything on the menu! 
Who says vegetarian pizza can’t be tasty and amazing? Even a basic veggie pizza can be all mouth-watering and delightful. 

Vegetarian Pizza

A basic yet delicious pizza can come topped with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and other veggies like garlic and zucchini, dressed with olive oil. A brush of tomato sauce is the cherry on top. After baking the dough with toppings to perfection, sprinkle any cheese (vegan if preferred), pepper flakes, and fresh basil.

Vegan pizza

Your vegan pizza recipe is loaded with jalapeños, tomatoes, broccoli, and creamy cashew sauce, to name a few. It's flavourful, satisfying, and delicious. Sometimes vegan cheese is added, but even without it, you'll love it. The tomatoes add a tangy umami flavour, the corns add sweetness, and the broccoli a toasty flavour. When topped with a layer of cashew cream, you won't even miss the cheese! Perfecting it is what we do to give you the perfect vegan pizza.


Traditionally, pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven at very high temperatures. However, not all kitchens can replicate stone-baked pizza. So, some adjustments are made. Essentially, stone-baked pizza requires a pizza stone. It's like a heavy pizza oven that differentiates between restaurant-made and homemade pizza. The trick is keeping the pizza stone heated to a comfortable 320°C for about an hour.

Most pizza dough is naturally vegan, consisting only of water, yeast, flour, and salt. Once the pizza is ready to bake, we spread tomato sauce across the dough to the edges, top it with cheese, and stone-bake for a good amount of time. Finally, the baked pizza is sprinkled with fresh basil, and your stone-baked pizza is ready to serve! 

To Wrap Up If you’re craving a cheese-loaded pizza with fresh veggies on top, Appetiser is where to find it. The high temperatures make the difference between a homemade and restaurant-baked pizza. Next time you host a pizza party, Appetiser is where to get your snacks from! Customers can also make reservations in advance. For more updates, stay tuned to this page! 

Best Indian Breakfast in Feltham, Hounslow & Southall

Indian cuisine is on its way to taking over the world with its amazing taste and variety. Given its popularity, Indian food caught the culinary spotlight like never before. London seems to enjoy a wide range of Indian cuisine looking at the number of restaurants that cater to it.

Speaking of restaurants, for more than a decade Appetiser served as a 100% vegetarian kitchen. Customers seem to enjoy their menu as they tempt us with healthy salads, Indian sweets and chaat, pizzas, shakes and more

Which Indian dishes can you find in the restaurant for breakfast?

Speaking as an Indian, food is an essential part of our culture. We take taste and variety in our cuisine very seriously. So Indian dishes, whether for breakfast or lunch, have a wide range of surprising delicacies. Let us see some of the options you can have for an Indian breakfast at Appetiser.


Masala Tea

Starting your morning with a cup of tea or 'chai' is mandatory. Originating in India, masala tea has gained popularity in countries like Europe as well. It is adored largely for its aroma! Served at £2.00 / L - £2.49, it is quite a must for Indian breakfast.

Paneer Wrap

Popular Indian breakfast options include chapatis and paranthas. Wraps are one type of such meal that we obtain here. For instance, paneer wraps include a ten-inch tortilla filled with ketchup, onions, pepper, mayo, and tandoori paneer. It is quite a wholesome meal for breakfast available at just £6.50!

Veggie Wrap

Undoubtedly vegetables are healthy, right? So here is a healthy dish for you: a veggie wrap. Veggie wraps are a nutritious breakfast option, packed with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and onions and dressed in cheese and mayo. The meal comes for just £4.99.


Kesar Barfi

Sweets are the perfect finishing touch to any meal. Whether it is breakfast or lunch, sweets are always welcome. Next up is the Kesar Barfi or the Yellow Barfi. At £15.0 per kg, we get the traditional taste with a creamy topping and kesar laced with saffron.



Gajerala or more popularly known as Gajar Ka Halwa, is an Indian sweet loved by all. Curated with carrots, sugar, milk and ghee, Gajar Halwa comes at £15.0 per kg.


Delhi Ke Steam Momos

Let's move on to Delhi ke Momos! For those who know, momos elicit amazing love. In a nutshell, these steamed momos are dumplings stuffed with vegetables. Customers may experience the taste of Delhi’s street food in Europe for only £5.99!

Delhi ke Chilli Momos

After the steamed momos, we have the chilli momos. India is known for its spices. Therefore, vegetable-filled dumplings go well with a little chilli added. Customers can now have Delhi Ke Chilli Momos in London for just £6.99!

Pav Bhaji

Thick and spicy vegetable gravy with butter-coated bread, pav bhaji is a famous Indian fast food. If you want, you can have it for breakfast as well for just £5.99

Cheese Pav Bhaji

A delightful twist to the Indian snack or street food is the Cheese Pav Bhaji. We all adore pav bhaji—a blend of distinct flavors created by combining a small amount of spice with vegetable stuffing and bread. Finished with a creamy and cheesy layer, this Indian street food is a popular delicacy available only at £7.25!


Available at £5.50, Falooda is more or less like ice cream. With rose syrup, sabja seeds, milk, vermicelli and of course ice cream, Falooda is a great side dish to go with meals.


Sweet Chilli Vegan Wrap

Wraps are always a good choice for Indian breakfast. The same 10-inch tortilla but with a different stuffing. The sweet chilli wrap comes with a stuffing of chilli sauce, tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, potatoes and cheese slices. Moreover, this is a vegan wrap available for just £4.99. Get the crunch and the nutrients at a reasonable price!

From ladoos, and gulab jamuns to barfi and chumchum, Indian sweets are always a delight with every meal. And let us not forget the tandoori paneer pizza, a little Indian twist to the Italian delicacy.

So, if you are craving Indian street food or Indian sweets, then you know where you can find it all at one place. There are many more options that you can choose from the Appetiser menu. Stay tuned to learn more about the Indian breakfast combos you can get.

What makes Indian cuisine so desirable?

India is undoubtedly a diverse nation. Over the years, people have recognised the varied styles and traditions of Indian regions. The north inspires a Mughlai-style delicacy with dairy and cheesy dressing. Samosas are typical to the northern part but are enjoyed all across India. Even the variety in bread, whether it is tandoori or pav bhaji style, Indian food combinations are a delight to our taste buds!
Finding mouth-watering Delhi ke momos, samosas, and papri chaat with chutney can be difficult in Europe. But not anymore! Appetiser brings to you all the Indian street food and sweets that you are likely to crave. And how can we forget masala chai? The aroma and fragrance that no other drink can offer.
Whether it is a Michelin-starred restaurant or a casual outlet, London caters to a diverse culinary style today. So, if you are out and about looking for Indian restaurants, you won’t be disappointed. Well, we all know the famous English breakfast but what if you’re craving Indian breakfast? Worry not, Appetiser is here to take care of your cravings!
To Wrap Up!
So, if you are in Southall or any nearby towns in London like Feltham and Hounslow, there is no need to look further from Appetiser. Today Britain has diverse culinarians from all over the world. However, not all are as popular as Indian cuisine! So, you will hardly find someone in Britain who is not partial to Indian food.
With the rich flavours and spices, Indian dishes are hard to not love. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices that one can choose from. From expensive to pocket-friendly restaurants, Britain is stacked up with flavoured Indian outlets. Though, if you want to experience authentic Indian food at reasonable prices, Appetiser is just what you’re looking for! Book a table today!